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Today I bring my show to the gallery to be hung.  It will be exciting to walk in on the opening,  Friday night, Oct, 10th.  I’m in the process of completing my statement for the show.  Many complicated thoughts, from  Whirling Dervishes, to timing brownies when baking, so not to burn them.  (being aware of relative time). Not falling into the couch while practicing my dance steps.  Off to the gallery.  I don’t want to be late; knowing the difference between relative and absolute time.

Wanting to write some thoughts and feelings about tactility, and sensuality;  The difference between the visual and the physical.   My up an coming show, on October 10th 2014,  will exhibit my series of 11 paintings titled “Deep Space” .  These paintings are an example of visual tactility and  the material used does have a sensuous  appearance.  I want to touch them.  Time, space and movement  also come into play.

I’m working on a statement for this segment of the show.  “Deep Space”.

Come see the show!

A silkscreen print, be it monotype, photo, or stencil has a unique, , quality.  GORGEOUS!!  Any marks screened are beautiful.  There is something about putting ink through a mesh screen that has an unusual, sensuous,  feel to the eye.

I’d like to invite everyone to my new show “Deep Space” opening Friday, October 10, 2014 at the Page Coleman Gallery, and running through December 22.

This show will feature my recent paintings and mixed media collages. These works involve various techniques and materials, including monotype printing, Chinese ink, and altered oil paint. You can see some of this work here and here.

The gallery is located at 6320-B Linn Avenue NE in Albuquerque. The opening will be 5 pm to 8 pm on Friday, October 10, 2014.

Thank you, Andy Warhol!

I’m setting up a studio, complete with darkroom, to explore several silkscreen processes. I’m fascinated with the intersection of the mechanical “tools and machinery” and the artistic exploration that’s involved in this process.

I’m totally immersed in looking at the images and reading about Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg, and others, especially from the pop art period in the 60’s. I’m excited to be using new processes to depict feelings and thoughts through images.